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Contour Paddle Holster, Size 5, Right Hand, Fits 1911 frame pistols, Left Hand

Contour Paddle Holster, Size 5, Right Hand, Fits 1911 frame pistols, Left Hand

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The Contour Paddle Holster's paddle slips inside the waistband for effortless attachment and removal, yet stays in place while you draw. These concealed paddle holsters feature an adjustable system that quickly pays for itself to those who may need to carry or remove their weapon repeatedly or at a moment's notice.

• Molded paddle has dual stabilizer prongs for added security
• Slim profile and truncated muzzle designed for maximized concealablity
• The Elite paddle holster is constructed of ballistic nylon with durable leather backing
• PowerBand provides adjustable drawing tension for added security
• SightStrip protects front and rear sights
• Adjustable, removable Thumb-break retention straps

Sizes are available to fit most pistols.

Made in the USA

Size 2:
Beretta 84 series; Astra Constable series; Walther PP/PPK/PPKS series; SIG Sauer P230

Size 4:
Glock all models; Sig Sauer P220,225,226,228,229,245,P239; Ruger P85,P90,P94,P345,KP94,SR9; Beretta 92/96,M9,PX4,8000,9040,9000; FN P-9; Taurus 92,99,100,24/7,PT111/145,PT911/940; CZ75/85; DE Baby Eagle; S&W CS9/40/45,908,910,457,M&P & most S&W autos including Sigma Series; Walther PK380,P22,PPS, PPS M2,P5,P5 Compact,P88,P99

Size 5:
1911 frame styles; Wilson Combat; Colt Government/Gold Cup/Commander/Officers; similar Llama, Star, Springfield; Firestar 9mm, .40, .45; Browning Hi-Power (fixed/adjustable sights) and BDM; Sigma 380; Kel-Tec PMR-30; Kimber Solo

Size 6:
Beretta BU9 Nano; Springfield XDS; Kahr Arms P9/40, MK9/40, K9/40, PM9/40, CW9/40, CM9; H&K PSP, P7 series pistols; Sphinx 380; Makarov; Kel-Tec P-11; Ruger LC9

Size 7:
Colt .380 Government, Mustang Series, Pocketlite, Pony

Size 8:
H&K USP 9mm/40/45; Browning Pro-9; Springfield XD; FN Five-Seven Tactical; Sig Sauer SP2340,SP2022; Walther P99

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