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Full Door 16 Pistol Maximizer

Full Door 16 Pistol Maximizer

$ 99.00

Full Door 16 Pistol Maximizer        

Please measure gun safe door's "inside ledge" - fits gun safe door ledge length 17" to 23.5".

Comes with 12 large and 4 small adjustable pistol hooks.
Make the most out of your gun cabinet storage space with this full door pistol organizer.  Holds 16 pistols, binoculars or other gear.  Mounts easily to the inside ledge of gun cabinet safe with included screws.
Soft rubbery coating over rack protects firearms from scuffs and scrapes.  Fits 17"= 23.5" door width.
Installation Instructions
Watch Installation Video at:
1) Position & tape rack onto the top door ledge of safe - as close to the hinges as possible. Use heavy duty tape you trust with your guns.
2) Place pistol hook on the top wire farthest from the hinge.
3) Put an unloaded gun in this hook & be careful it doesn't fall.
4) While checking to make sure the gun does not hit the safe, slowly close the safe door. Move the position of the gun and the hook until it clears.
5) Place the next pistol hook on the top wire closest to hinge and repeat #4 with the same gun.
NOTE: If gun hits top shelf inside the safe, lower shelf until it clears, or put gun in trigger fracing up. Items may need to be moved back on the shelves to allow room for the pistols.
6) When satisfied with the position of the rack, drill through the tape into the top ledge of the safe with an 1/8" drill bit, making a pilot hole for the mounting screws.
7) Screw the mounting screws through the tape and rack into the safe.
8) Pull off the tape. Rack is now mounted.
9) Continue adjusting pistol hook positions with unloaded pistols to miss interior shelves & stanchions.
10) Bend Pistol Hooks tighter or looser to fit each gun, bend left or right to fit binoculars, jewelry pounches, etc.
NOTE: Due to your safe's interior layout, rack may not hold all the firearms it is capable or storing. Take out sleves or re-arrange interior to maximize firearm storage.

Treat All Firearms as if they were loaded & would fire if the trigger is pulled!
Always use safe gun handling procedures!
Always keep gun pointed in a safe direction!
Always keep your finger off the trigger!
Never keep ammunition in the same location as the handgun!
Always verify the gun is unloaded before storing!
Always keep guns away from children!
Remember, "Your firearm is your responsibility!"
Never assume that a "Hiding" place is a secure storage method!
Rack only.  Accessories shown are not included.

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